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Heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass

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Heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass, also called borosilicate glass sight glass, is a kind of heat-resistant glass sight glass with low expansion coefficient, high softening point and good resistance to rapid cooling and heat. The production process is simpler than that of troll glass sight glass, which can be melted in the pool kiln and can be produced and processed mechanically. It is an excellent material for the production of glass sight glass such as industrial window glass sight glass, boiler sight glass, pressure vessel sight glass, etc. Most borosilicate glass sight glasses are colorless and transparent, and some are slightly yellowish.

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass

The representative product of heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass is Pyrex7740. This type includes GG17 in China and Shibata in Japan. Its expansion coefficient is (32 ~ 33) × 1010-7 ℃ -1. ) Above 250 ℃, these components are mainly used to produce glass sight glass sight glass, liquid level gauge glass sight glass plate, pressure vessel sight glass, etc.

Pyrex type glass sight glass has high melting temperature and high viscosity. The viscosity at 1680 ℃ is 101.5 Pa · s, so it is difficult to melt in the general melting furnace. Therefore, China has developed a composition of ninety-five. Compared with the Pyrex type, the glass sight glass The content of B2O3 and Na2O in the mirror composition is increased, the content of Al2O3 and SiO2 is reduced, and the melting temperature is reduced. Even if it is melted twice in the crucible kiln, it can be melted, but its expansion coefficient increases accordingly, generally in ) × 10-7 ℃ -1, the resistance to quenching and heating is reduced, but it can still meet the requirements for some windows with lower working temperature.

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass

Introduction of heat-resistant borosilicate glass sight glass produced and processed by our company:

product composition:

SiO2: 80.5%, B2O3: 12.9%, Al2O3: 2.4%, Na2O: 4.2%

Product performance:

1. Density: 2.23g · cm-3.

2. Thermal expansion coefficient (20 ~ 300 ℃): 32 × 10-7 ℃ -1.

3. Resistant to rapid cooling and heating (2mm): 300 ℃.

4. Water resistance (powder method): 0.019mg · g-1.

5. Acid resistance (weight loss method): 0.16mg · 100cm-2.

6. Alkali resistance (weight loss method): 120mg · 100cm-2.

7. Softening point: 820 ℃.

8. Annealing temperature: 560 ℃.


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