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Heat Resistant Transparency Borosilicate Sight Glass

Heat Resistant Transparency Borosilicate Sight Glass

Heat Resistant Transparency Borosilicate Sight Glass

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Heat Resistant Transparency Borosilicate Sight Glass

Tempered Borosilicate glass is one of transparent colorless glass,through wavelength is between 300 nm to 2500 nm,transmissivity is more than 90%. Coefficient of expansion is 3.3. It can acid proof and alkali, the high temperature resistant is about 450℃. If course handling,the temperature resistant can reach 550℃ or so. Apply to lighting fixture,chemical industry ,electron,high temperature equipment and so on .


 Density  2.23 g/cm3
 Hardness  >7
 Modulus of elasticity  63·103N·mm-2
 Poisson’s ratio  0.18
 Tensile strength  4.8x107pa(N/M2)
 Compressive strength  (0-300) 3.3±0.1×10-6K-1
 Poisson’s ratio  0.18
 Coefficient of thermal expansion  (0-300) 3.3±0.1×10-6K-1
 Thermal conductivity  1.2W·m-1·k-1
 Softening point  820±10°C
 Annealing point  560°C
 Strain point  516±10°C
 Electrical resistivity  >1018 Ωm
 Dielectric constant  4.6 1 MHz, 25


1. Household electrical appliance (panel for oven and fireplace, microwave tray etc.);

2. Environmental engineering and chemical engineering (lining layer of repellence, autoclave of chemical reaction and safety spectacles);

3. Lighting (spotlight and protective glass for jumbo power of floodlight);

4. Power regeneration by solar energy (solar cell base plate);

5. Fine instruments (optical filter);

6. Semi-conductor technology (LCD disc, display glass);

7. Medical technique and bio-engineering;

8. Safety protection (bullet proof glass)




Xinxiang Pan Chao Instrument Co., Ltd. is a collection of development, design, production, sales and

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Our company produces glass mirror products in line with industry standards, with a clear transparency, beautiful appearance, small tolerance, high pressure high temperature, anti-crack, and other advantages, widely used in metallurgy, chemical, coal, heavy industry, shipbuilding, And other fields. Successfully build “PCHAO” brand industrial mirror glass.

Advanced production equipment and a number of production lines to ensure product quality and production. Professional team of engineers to create high-precision instrument products, and to undertake glass mirror, as the glass mirror, such as non-standard products such as custom processing. Professional packaging division and long- term cooperation in the freight forwarding company, so that our products safe and lossless, convenient transportation, affordable.



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