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What are the ways to smoke marijuana? Will there be some physiological reactions after smoking?

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What are the ways to smoke marijuana? Will there be some physiological reactions after smoking?

What are the ways to smoke marijuana? Will there be some physiological reactions after smoking?

We are only understanding the drug like marijuana, but most of it must have only heard of its name and never seen it, let alone the physiological reactions after smoking marijuana, and today I’m here to talk to you all. Explain it.

What are the ways to smoke marijuana? Will there be some physiological reactions after smoking?

This can be judged from the tools and process of smoking. If you find someone has the following behaviors, then he may be smoking marijuana. Remember to be vigilant.

1. Cigarettes: The common way of smoking marijuana is to roll it into cigarettes, also known as “firecrackers”, or mash the marijuana and mix it with tobacco leaves to make cigarettes, which is called “marijuana cigarettes.”

2. Cigars: Some smokers cut the cigar, take out the tobacco inside, and then put in marijuana. Cigars containing hemp are usually called cigarillos.

3. Pipe: You have probably seen someone use a pipe to smoke, and these pipes can also be used to smoke marijuana.

4. Smoke Bong: This is a water pipe, usually with a long pipe from above the bowl-shaped base. The hookah allows smoke to pass through it until it is inhaled.

5. Edible: Hemp can sometimes be baked into food, such as brownies, tea, and hemp cakes.

What effect will smoking marijuana have on mental health?

1. Emotional (mood) disorders: A short period of worries can occur within 1-2 minutes after using marijuana, which produces a kind of inexplicable and vague worry and irritability. After a few minutes, it enters a refreshing period and feels stable and comfortable. Relaxed users are indifferent and indifferent to the surrounding environment and people’s care and sympathy. If the abuser himself is worried, when he is depressed, his symptoms worsen after smoking marijuana. Emotional changes may stimulate some weird behaviors, such as giggling, crying, yelling, and even impulse.

2. Abnormal perception: various forms of illusions, hallucinations, and comprehensive obstacles to perceptions such as time, space, and body.

3. Abnormal thinking: At the same time as the perception changes, I think my brain is better and I am more competent at work. There are erratic thoughts, Lenovo rushes and new ideas are constantly emerging, and some people feel dull thinking and feel that they have lost the ability to associate.

4. Personality changes: Long-term marijuana users often have personality changes, which are manifested as emotional indifference, sluggishness, boring, laziness, irritability, changes in sleep cycle, etc., and loss of interest in personal appearance, hygiene, diet, and inattention. , Poor memory, obvious impairment of judgment, showing mental decline. Personality is distorted, resulting in “depersonalization”.

5. Social impact: After adolescents smoke marijuana, their academic and career enterprising spirit declines, or they completely lose their jobs, opportunities, image, life and learning ability.

Overdose poisoning:

Excessive use of marijuana can cause toxic acute brain syndrome, acute panic disorder, acute depression, etc., which is also the harmful behavior of “crash” that “pilots” often say.

1. Acute brain syndrome.

Mainly manifested as confusion, lack of conception of time, person, and place, unorganized behavior, no purpose, inability to concentrate, restlessness, panic, and psychotic symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders. Some patients Accompanied by fear and impulsive behavior, uncontrollable behavior is triggered.

2. Acute panic disorder.

When you inhale an excessive amount of food, you will have a serious sense of worry. In severe cases, a catastrophe will come or you will feel the edge of life and death, in extreme shock and fear. Some worry about paranoia, arrogance and psychotic symptoms, delusions of being persecuted, and even feel that someone is tracking and monitoring themselves, causing inexplicable hostility and hatred towards others.

3. Acute depression reaction.

People who overdose have a severe one-time depressive state, manifested as pessimism, and even have serious suicidal ideas and suicide attempts. It is also possible that the user has mild depressive symptoms, and overdose of marijuana induces and aggravates the symptoms.

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