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What are the commonly used optical glasses?

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What are the commonly used optical glasses?

What are the commonly used optical glasses?

What are the commonly used optical glasses?

Optical glass is a kind of glass that can change the direction of light transmission, and can also be used to manufacture lenses and mirrors in optical instruments. There are many types of optical glass. The production of optical glass mainly uses high-quality quartz sand, which is used in some cameras and telescopes.
1. Colorless optical glass
It has specific requirements for optical constants, has the characteristics of high visible light area, no selective absorption and coloring. According to the size of the Abbe number, it is divided into crown type and flint glass. The various levels are divided into several types according to the refractive index, and they are arranged in order of the magnitude of refraction. Used as lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. of telescopes, microscopes, cameras, etc.

2. Radiation resistant optical glass
It has a high absorption capacity for high-energy radiation. It uses high-lead glass and CaO-B2O2 glass to prevent gamma rays and X-ray radiation and absorb slow neutrons and thermal neutrons. It is mainly used in the nuclear industry and medical fields. Masks and peeping window materials.
3. Radiation resistant optical glass
Under some γ-ray and X-ray irradiation, the transmittance of the visible area changes little, and the variety and grade are the same as colorless optical glass, which is used to manufacture optical instruments and viewing windows under high-energy irradiation.
4. Colored optical glass
Also called filter glass. The selective absorption and penetration of specific wavelengths of visible light, visible light and infrared are classified into selective absorption, cut-off and neutral gray according to the spectral characteristics. According to the coloring mechanism, it can be divided into ion coloring, metal colloid coloring and sulfur selenide coloring. It is mainly used to make filters.
5. Ultraviolet and infrared optical glass
It has specific optical constants and high light transmittance in the ultraviolet or infrared band, and is used as ultraviolet and infrared optical instruments or as window materials.
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