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Tips For Getting High With A Bong

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Tips For Getting High With A Bong

Using “Bong” is as easy as using “Pipe”. Bowls are usually larger so you can fill them with weeds. You will also need to fill the tank with water to filter the smoke. When you’re ready, just light the weeds and tap from the mouthpiece.

You can easily control the height you get when using Bong without having to go all out. Smoke guns can create huge cracks, so if you want to get a tall chimney very quickly, you can ingest a lot of THC immediately. Also, if you want fast but soft treble, you can tap.

You can also increase the Bong content by adding cannabis concentrate and herbs together in a bowl. You can even mix different strains together or add some tobacco and other herbs to make a unique smoking mixture.

Interestingly, you can also improve the smoking experience of a pipe by replacing the pipe water with another liquid. Using ice cubes can make the smoke smoother, while fruit juice or wine can give the smoke extra flavor. These fluids will not change your height, but they will make your use of Bong more enjoyable.

Tips For Getting High With A Bong

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