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The true feelings of consumers of the hookah

The true feelings of consumers of the hookah

The true feelings of consumers of the hookah

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The true feelings of consumers of the hookah

Consumers of Arabian hookahs share their true feelings. After listening to the following sharing, you will love hookahs. If you do n’t believe it, look down:

Chat with friends, taste healthy casual fashion, the smoke is fragrant, and my wife can no longer smell the nasty taste of heavy tar content. The whole room exudes a faint fruit aroma … wow! So enjoyed …

Hookahs are now available in cafes, saunas, foot baths, KTV rooms and other entertainment venues. The hookah is popular among guests for its sanitation, Sven, environmental protection and elegance. And it can drive customers, increase high income, and win praise from the service industry.

Maintenance: It is strongly recommended that you clean the hookah after each use and change the water after each pumping to ensure cleanliness and pure taste; especially when you change the flavor of different flavors to avoid remaining in the hookah Other odors will affect the taste; clean the chimney and water bottle with a special cleaning brush; the hose cannot be cleaned, but after each use, blow air or water into the bottle to clean the debris in the hose.

Everyone who has been to Paris after Houhai in Beijing knows that on each table in those bars, there are pieces of shisha tobacco pots like art, and enjoy life, it should be so!

The true feelings of consumers of the hookah

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