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The amount of filtered water used in the hookah directly affects the taste of the hookah

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The amount of filtered water used in the hookah directly affects the taste of the hookah

Many times, many consumers who bought Arab hookah feel that they have been deceived, because the Arab hookah they bought is arguably the best in terms of material and shape, but after returning home to use it, they find that they are not in the entertainment place. It feels good when I use it, or I feel that the smoke comes out when it is not used for the first time. What is the reason? Today Zhongrun will discuss this issue with everyone: the filtered water in the Arab hookah bottle How much is also very particular!

Generally, it depends on the actual situation. For example, your hookah bottle is relatively large, and it belongs to the type with the bottom and the top. Although the water is just right, it feels more laborious to use and is not very comfortable. At this time, you can add more water appropriately, because the size of the bottle is different, and the feeling of filtering is also different. This is why sometimes when you feel the hookah, you will hear “Kulongkulong” Sound, sometimes not.

The size of the smoke is also related. The smoke is generated by burning the shredded tobacco through the filtered water. Therefore, the amount of water is very important. Of course, it is not that every time you use it, you must try it repeatedly. The first time you debug it, remember Hold the water level of your bottle. When you use it again in the future, you can directly connect the water to the water level for a long time. So, for many things, you ca n’t be too rigid. What others tell you can only be said to be the most basic. Yes, but if you want to achieve better results, you must continue to try and use it yourself. I hope that the tips you find when you use it can also communicate with us!

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