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Sherlock Smoking Pipe Black

Sherlock Smoking Pipe Black

Sherlock Smoking Pipe Black

Xinxiang Pan Chao Instruments Co., Ltd. is a specialized in manufacturing Bongs, Bubblers, Smoking Rigs, Water Bong Pipe Rig, Chillums Pipe, Glass Blunts, One Hitters Smoking Pipe, Sherlocks Smoking Pipe, Specialty Smoking Pipes, Spoons Smoking Pipe, Steamrollers Smoking Pipe, Color Glass Tube and so on.

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Sherlock Smoking Pipe Black

Although their names may suggest that Sherlock’s manual pipes are not only used for Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock pipes are synonymous with characters, and are mainly associated with clever old grandfather types, but they provide more than just a smokey and stylish experience.

These pipes not only have smoked wooden-style sherlock. The Sherlock portable tube has a unique saxophone shape, with a medium to large bowl, and wraps around a curved cigarette holder. The curved mouthpiece of the Sherlock pipe no longer blows the mouthpiece like a spoon or a roller, but instead provides a longer path for the smoke stream, resulting in a smoother blow.

Sherlock Smoking Pipe Black

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