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Quartz glass purity-quartz glass tube

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Quartz glass purity-quartz glass tube

Quartz glass purityquartz glass tube
The quartz glass tube is made of natural crystalline quartz (crystal or pure silica) or synthetic silane after high temperature melting. The product has excellent processing performance after melting. In the high viscosity range, heat pipes and hot rods can be processed like ordinary glass tubes. Similarly, high-speed processing tools can also be made of diamond or silicon carbide, so that the instrument has a variety of complex shapes and special products. The performance of the quartz glass tube mainly depends on its purity, followed by the process or thermal system. The presence of trace impurities will have a major impact on the performance of the quartz glass tube. At the same time, a slight negligence in the process or thermal system will bring various defects to the appearance and cause a lot of waste.
Quartz glass purity-quartz glass tube
Purity is an important indicator of the quartz glass tube, it has a great influence on the physical and chemical properties and performance, such as permeability and high temperature resistance. Strength, softening point, light transmittance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance, fluorescence characteristics, etc.; in addition, quartz glass tubes are used in the semiconductor industry and require high purity, and trace impurities will seriously affect the electrical properties of semiconductor materials And service life and integration. Since the purity of semiconductor materials is required to be controlled below the ppb order of magnitude, the quartz glass tube should be controlled at the PPm order of magnitude to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. The segregation coefficient of B is close to 1, which is difficult to remove. It is one of harmful impurities. Cu, Fe, and Ti affect the minority carrier lifetime of semiconductors. K, Na, and Li are harmful impurities generated from single crystal materials.

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