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Optical properties of quartz glass-quartz glass tube

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Optical properties of quartz glass-quartz glass tube

Optical properties of quartz glassquartz glass tube

The optical performance of the quartz glass tube has its own unique features. It can transmit the far ultraviolet spectrum, an excellent material for transmitting ultraviolet light, and transmit visible light and near-infrared spectrum. Users can choose the desired variety from the range of 185-3500m according to their needs. Quartz glass tube is comparable to ordinary optical glass tube in terms of bubbles, streaks, uniformity and birefringence due to its advantages of high temperature resistance, low thermal coefficient, and good chemical heat resistance. So it is a necessary optical material for all kinds of harsh work and high optics. Quartz glass tube structure, impurity content, OH gene and NO, CO content are the main factors that affect the poor absorption peak of the OH group-containing quartz glass in the 0.24 tube, and the oxygen atom spectral transmittance. Obvious absorption peaks will be generated due to molecular vibration. The low UV transmittance is mainly due to atomic absorption spectroscopy caused by metallic impurities.

Optical properties of quartz glass-quartz glass tube

The spectral characteristics of the quartz glass tube are very good infrared materials, but due to the presence of impurities, the UV transmittance is low. The oxyhydrogen flame crystal quartz glass tube has an absorption peak at 0.24μ due to oxygen structural defects and contains OH groups, so the infrared transmittance is very low. The high-purity optical quartz glass tube made of synthetic raw material gas is a very good UV-transmitting material, but it has a serious OH absorption peak at 2.7μm. Only optical quartz glass tubes made of synthetic materials or fused by a hydrogen-free flame can pass the continuous spectrum from far ultraviolet to near infrared well.

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