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Introduction of tempered borosilicate glass

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Introduction of tempered borosilicate glass

Introduction of tempered borosilicate glass
The coefficient of linear expansion of toughened borosilicate sight glass (hard borosilicate sight glass) is (3.3 10-6/K-1 0.1) x, also known as “3.3 borosilicate sight glass, 95 borosilicate sight glass”. It is a special high temperature sight glass with low expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Because of its excellent characteristics, it is widely used in chemical industry, lighting equipment, medical technology, etc. field. , Environmental engineering, precision instruments, household appliances, etc. Common physical and chemical functions are well received by the public, especially in the field of lighting engineering. It has now spread widely in China.

Commodity characteristics

Introduction of tempered borosilicate glass
The toughened borosilicate sight glass has stable high temperature resistance. It runs at 450℃ for a long time, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 650℃. After semi-tempered treatment, it can significantly improve the thermal shock function of the sight glass, improve the mechanical strength of the sight glass, and have a low thermal expansion coefficient. The transparency is only 3.25×10-6K-1. Excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, high strength, high hardness, and excellent anti-knock ability.

Scope of application

The high borosilicate sight glass with high expansion coefficient Tongsu Deqiang is that the sight glass cup is filled from the freezer and opened immediately. The water sight glass cup does not break above zero and 20 degrees below zero to 130 degrees. It is not a problem for single-view mirror products. I have tried to put myself in the microwave for 20 minutes without any problem. Borosilicate sight glass is the main product of microwave oven. Solar tube chemical reactor. Chemical reaction vessel is now widely used. It is the safest drinking water supply in the world.

The borosilicate sight glass has excellent corrosion resistance. The sight glasses used in chemical laboratories are usually borosilicate sight glasses. However, it is not recommended to use toughened sight glass if you are often exposed to corrosive substances. The sight glass is defective due to its high explosive rate. It is unsafe if the burst will cause splashing of corrosive substances. Of course, the above just assumes that the details can be used in accordance with the details.

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