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How to use and maintain hookah in winter

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How to use and maintain hookah in winter

As a professional manufacturer of hookahs and hookahs, we pay attention to the production process of our products and pay more attention to consumers’ use of our products. Today we bring you information: knowledge of the use and maintenance of hookah in winter.

As the weather gets colder and colder, people like to stay in the room more, drink a cup of tea or coffee with their relatives and friends, and order a hookah to talk about the sky. It ’s really comfortable. So, it can be said that in the winter, the hookah should live in those ones, and in the winter, regular cleaning of the hookah should live in those details and how to keep the hookah!

The normal cleaning of hookah, I think everyone should be very clear. First of all, change the water in the bottle and replace it. We said before that in addition to water, we can also add other drinks, like green tea and red bull. Yes, but do not use carbonated beverages. Next, clean the tray smoke pot, especially the filtered water pipe in the middle. Be sure to rinse it under the water pipe, so that the dirt inside can be cleaned and finally cleaned and installed. Completely put it in the box and dispose of it properly. These are the precautions for cleaning during the week. In winter, in addition to the normal cleaning method, it is also important to use warm water when cleaning, because The base of the hookah is basically a glass bottle. In cold winter, the cold water is extremely cold, which can easily cause the glass bottle to crack and cause damage. After cleaning, it must be wiped clean, otherwise the temperature is too low In the case of a broken situation. Therefore, when everyone enjoys the goodness of shisha, don’t forget to properly and reasonably store the shisha, so that you will feel very comfortable every time you use it.

How to use and maintain hookah in winter

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