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Hookah manufacturers tell you who changed the taste of hookah?

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Hookah manufacturers tell you who changed the taste of hookah?

Does the taste of shisha have the same taste at home and in the store? Many Arab hookah enthusiasts will encounter this situation: take the beloved hookah home, but find that the taste is different, the same tobacco, the same pot, why is there a difference in taste?

Here, we will give you a little knowledge about hookah: the amount of filtered water in the hookah bottle is also very particular!

In general, we tell everyone that the smoking method of hookah is that the water in the hookah bottle is best to flow through the filter tube 1-2 cm. This is the most basic tutorial. However, many things depend on the actual situation, such as Say that your hookah bottle is relatively large, it belongs to the type with the bottom and the top. Although the water is just right, but when you use it, it feels more laborious and not very comfortable. Then, at this time, you can properly Add some water, because the size of the bottle is not the same, and the feeling of filtering is different. This is why sometimes when you feel the hookah, you will hear the sound of “Cullon,” and sometimes not.

The size of the smoke is also related. The smoke is generated by burning the shredded tobacco through the filtered water. Therefore, the amount of water is very important. Of course, it is not that every time you use it, you must try it repeatedly. The first time you debug it, remember Hold the water level of your bottle. When you use it again in the future, you can directly connect the water to the water level for a long time. So, for many things, you ca n’t be too rigid. What others tell you can only be said to be the most basic. Yes, but if you want to achieve better results, you must continue to try and use it yourself. I hope that the tips you find when you use it can also communicate with us!

Hookah manufacturers tell you who changed the taste of hookah?

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