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Hookah classification and introduction

Hookah classification and introduction

Hookah classification and introduction

Xinxiang Pan Chao Instruments Co., Ltd. is a specialized in manufacturing Bongs, Bubblers, Smoking Rigs, Water Bong Pipe Rig, Chillums Pipe, Glass Blunts, One Hitters Smoking Pipe, Sherlocks Smoking Pipe, Specialty Smoking Pipes, Spoons Smoking Pipe, Steamrollers Smoking Pipe, Color Glass Tube and so on.

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Hookah classification and introduction

Hookahs can be divided into mini series hookahs according to the places they are used. They are suitable for the general public and can be carried out, especially some female friends. Hookahs for bars are suitable for bars, bars, hotels, KTVs, tea houses, saunas, saunas, etc.

Full entertainment venue! Features: Best-selling bar for 4 people at the same time, beautiful bottle, chic cigarette rod. The club’s special hookah is suitable for some large bosses to negotiate and use in the club.

Hookahs can be divided into glass hookahs and copper hookahs according to their materials. The price of glass hookahs is lower than that of copper hookahs. Because of their different prices, the choice of people is different.

Hookah classification and introduction

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