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Grinding End Quartz Glass Tube

Grinding End Quartz Glass Tube

Grinding End Quartz Glass Tube

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Grinding End Quartz Glass Tube

Grinding End Quartz Glass Tube

There are two kinds of treatment methods for the two ends of the quartz tube: fire polished and grinding.

Characteristics of quartz tube

High temperature resistance

The softening point temperature of quartz glass is about 1730 ℃, which can be used for a long time at 1100 ℃, and the maximum use temperature can reach 1450 ℃ in a short time.


Except for hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass hardly chemically reacts with other acids. Its acid resistance is 30 times that of ceramics and 150 times that of stainless steel. Especially its chemical stability at high temperatures is beyond any other engineering materials Comparable.

Good thermal stability

The thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass is extremely small, can withstand drastic temperature changes, the quartz glass is heated to about 1100 ℃, will not burst when placed in normal temperature water.

Good light transmission performance

Quartz glass has good light transmission performance in the entire spectral band from ultraviolet to infrared, and the visible light transmittance is above 95%, especially in the ultraviolet spectrum region, the transmittance can reach more than 80%.

Good electrical insulation

The resistance value of quartz glass is equivalent to 10,000 times that of ordinary glass. It is an excellent electrical insulating material and has good electrical properties even at high temperatures. Quartz glass is widely used in various fields such as electric light source, semiconductor, optical communication, military industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, machinery, electric power, environmental protection, etc. due to its excellent physical and chemical properties.


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