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Glass Smoking Bubbler

Glass Smoking Bubbler

Xinxiang Pan Chao Instruments Co., Ltd. is a specialized in manufacturing Bongs, Bubblers, Smoking Rigs, Water Bong Pipe Rig, Chillums Pipe, Glass Blunts, One Hitters Smoking Pipe, Sherlocks Smoking Pipe, Specialty Smoking Pipes, Spoons Smoking Pipe, Steamrollers Smoking Pipe, Color Glass Tube and so on.

Product Detail

Glass Smoking Bubbler

Product Description:

Flower paper and logo can be customized

100% brand new and high quality

Size:As shown in the picture

Color: As the picture shown

Material: Glass

Note: Pls allow 1-3mm size difference due to hand-measurement error.

Package Included:

1pcs Glass hookah

1pcs Glass Bowl

Glass Smoking Bubbler Glass Smoking Bubbler

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