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Connection method of glass sight glass pipeline

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Connection method of glass sight glass pipeline

The connection method of the glass sight glass pipeline is mainly connected with a loose flange.

Glass sight glass is a good anti-corrosion material. It has the advantage of good anti-corrosion performance, even surpassing stainless steel. Used in chloride and bromide production equipment, it is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Its disadvantage is poor mechanical strength and fragility. In use, we must use our strengths and avoid weaknesses, strengthen special protection, overcome its shortcomings, and give full play to its advantages, so that glass sight glass chemical equipment can serve our chemical production.

Connection method of glass sight glass pipeline

Precautions for the use of glass sight glass chemical equipment

1. The installation of glass mirror chemical equipment should be carried out after other equipment is installed to prevent the glass mirror equipment from being damaged by other equipment.

2. After the equipment is installed, it is necessary to simulate the temperature and pressure test of normal operation to check the loopholes. After cooling down and reducing pressure, tighten the fastening bolts again.

3. When running, turn on the cooling water first, and then turn on the heat source. When turning off the car, turn off the heat source first, then turn off the cooling water.

4. When parking in winter, let off the cooling water to prevent the glass sight glass equipment from freezing and cracking

Connection method of glass sight glass pipeline

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