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Chamfered Edge round tempered borosilicate glass

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Chamfered Edge round tempered borosilicate glass

Chamfered Edge round tempered borosilicate glass

Chamfered Edge round tempered borosilicate glass

Tempered glass is a kind of glass with uniform compressive stress on the surface made by heating float glass to close to its softening point and then rapidly cooling it with air. In the instant cooling process, the outside of the glass solidifies due to rapid cooling, while the inside of the glass cools relatively slowly. This process will bring about compressive stress and internal tensile stress on the glass surface, increase the mechanical strength of the glass through germination, and produce good thermal stability.

1. Safety: If it breaks, the glass will break into small cube fragments, which is not a threat to the human body.
2. It has stronger resistance to thermal fracture than annealed or thermally strengthened glass.
3. 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness.
4. Can withstand sudden temperature changes of 220°C.
5. The size is produced according to the customer’s requirements. Once tempered, it cannot be cut.
If you are interested in tempered borosilicate glass or need consultation, please click on our online customer service or call us. Pan Chao, customized glass of different quality specifications.
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