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Application of 3.3 high borosilicate glass

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Application of 3.3 high borosilicate glass

Application of 3.3 high borosilicate glass

Application of 3.3 high borosilicate glass

Borosilicate 3.3 glass is widely used in chemical, aerospace, military, household, hospital and other fields. Can be made into microwave oven lamps, stoves and fireplaces, electric heaters, high-performance spotlights and floor lamp protection panels, red and ultraviolet drying equipment, ultraviolet protection, barbecue plates, laboratory and high-temperature welding masks, safety glass and many more.
1. Household appliances (glass panels in ovens, microwave oven trays, stove top panels, etc.)
2. Environmental engineering, chemical engineering (resistance lining, chemical reactor, safety mirror)
3. Lighting (spotlight and high-power floodlight lighting protective glass)
4. Solar power generation (solar cell substrate)
5. Precision instruments (optical filters)
6. Semiconductor technology (wafer, display glass)
7. Medical technology, biological engineering
8. Safety protection (bullet-proof glass)
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