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Advantages Of Optical Quartz Glass

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Advantages Of Optical Quartz Glass

The optical quartz glass sheet has the advantages of being able to withstand high temperature and high pressure, etc. It is irreplaceable by other optical materials. And quartz glass sheet has good ultraviolet transmission performance; visible light and near infrared light absorption is extremely low, so it is the basic material for the production of optical fibers. The thermal coefficient is extremely small, and the chemical property is good. The bubbles, stripes, uniformity, and birefringence are comparable to ordinary optical glass. It is the preferred optical material for working under harsh conditions.

Test temperature of quartz sight glass: 1200 degrees, softening temperature: 1730 degrees, specific parameters are as follows:

1. (Far Ultraviolet Optical Quartz Glass) Corresponding to the brand JGS1, it is optical quartz glass melted with high purity hydrogen and oxygen, so it contains a large amount of base (2000ppm), and has excellent ultraviolet transmission performance, especially in the short-wave ultraviolet region, its transmission performance Far better than all other glasses, the transmittance at 185μm can reach 90%, and the synthetic quartz glass has a strong absorption peak at 2730nm and no particle structure. It is an excellent optical material in the range of 185-2500mμ.

2. (Ultraviolet quartz glass) Corresponding grade JGS2

Quartz glass produced by quartz raw materials and oxyhydrogen flame contains dozens of ppm of metal impurities. There is an absorption peak at 2730nm (base content 100-200ppm), with stripes and particle structure. It is a good material in the range of 220-2500μm.

3. (Infrared optical quartz glass) Corresponding brand JGS3 quartz glass produced by quartz raw materials and vacuum electric melting method, contains tens of ppm of metal impurities. There are small bubbles, particle structure and stripes, which are almost free of (OH), with high infrared transmittance performance, the transmittance is as high as 85% or more, and its application band is in the range of 260-3500μm optical materials.

Advantages Of Optical Quartz Glass


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